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Naci Mai offers a variety of programs for the whole family...all designed to create a healthy, well-balanced life!  



Training children to cultivate healthy habits are vital if they are to grow up to become healthy adults.  f.i.t.•4•KIDS provides kid-friendly programs that are fun and effective.  The f.i.t.•4•KIDS program is suitable for schools, camps, daycares and any activity where children are present!



The F.I.T.•4•LIFE program is designed for individuals who need a kick start to a healthier lifestyle.  Fun, yet challenging, this program delivers results in creating a well-balanced life.  Including mentoring, accountability partners and monitored weekly goals.

T.E.A.M. Network

The Empowerment And Mentoring Network

The goal of Naci Mai is to empower every young person to believe they can do great things.  Through TEAM Network, young people are able to connect with individuals who will encourage and inspire them...people from all walks of life who have experienced victories and overcome defeats, and are able to share the lessons learned from both.


Empowering the next mother at a time

The goal of M2M is to empower every young mother--so that they can empower their children. Classes in character development, financial literacy, workforce preparation and health and wellness are the tools used to teach young women.  Lessons they will be able to pass on to their children. ​

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