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Empowering the next generation...

                                                   ​One Mother at a time

A mothers role is vital in the life of a child, not only is she the child's first contact, but often she becomes it's greatest influence. She plays a pivotal role in shaping, nurturing and protecting her children.  Unfortunately in  our society today, we are seeing younger mothers who are not equipped to overcome life-altering challenges and raise a generation of strong and equipped leaders.   Mother2Mother has sought to meet that need by bringing together seasoned mothers from around the nation to help inspire and encourage these young mothers.



Good character is developed,  not inherited.  M2M provides young women with the building blocks necessary to develop a foundation of integrity and strong moral values.

This is a vital lesson for young mothers--they cannot teach their children what they have not learned.



Many young mothers face difficulty in knowing how to handle their finances.  M2M, has partnered with qualified instructors to help teach young mothers the ABC's of finance... information that must be passed on to the next generation if we are to be a leading nation.



The work force is more competitive than ever so it requires being prepared for every opportunity that  comes.  Mother2Mother prepares young mothers with the tools needed to go out into the job market and be successful in landing that job! 

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