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Naci Mai is a 501-c-3 organization established in 2011 to help children and young adults develop a positive self-image through mentoring programs, workshops and empowerment camps.  The focus of Naci Mai—which when reversed says   I Can, I Am, teaches young people to reverse the negativity that surrounds them and replace them with positive influences that will lead to a better future.  Not only are children encouraged to dream, they are taught strategies that will help them accomplish their dreams, starting with education, workshops, and mentors to encourage them along the way!

Naci Mai includes:
fit•4•KIDS, fit•4•LIFE, Mother2Mother, and TEAM Network. 


Kayce E. Shepard, M.A. Ed.

Having been both a collegiate athlete and coach, Kayce knows the discipline it takes to 'reverse it'.  I CAN and I AM going to make a difference!  That is what has driven the founder and director of Naci Mai for over 20 youth the opportunity to turn their circumstances around.  Having experienced difficulties as a child, Kayce knows firsthand what it feels like to lose hope...but she knows equally well the joy that is gained from finding new hope.  Faith played a major part in turning her life around, as did being surrounded with mentors who gave her direction and words of encouragement to keep her going.  Now that has become her life's mission: to teach, inspire and encourage.  

Colleen Shepard Adams
Mom :} Mentor

Colleen knows firsthand the challenges of being a single young mother. She believes that "even though the circumstances may be difficult, that is not the end of the story, you must rewrite the narrative!" She is the owner of Coco's Off the Rack, a women's specialty store in Meridian Township. She believes that within each of us lies the ability to turn any circumstance around. She spends most of her time teaching and mentoring individuals towards purpose and passion!

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